We are pleased to announce that a satellite workshop on morpho-syntax accompanying JK25 will be held at the Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa, on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

The workshop focuses on the interface of morphology and syntax in Japanese and Korean. As is well known, while the two languages show a lot of similarities, they also exhibit very delicate and intriguing differences in morpho-syntactic terms. Hence, comparing the two languages including their synchronic and diachronic variations will contribute to the study of (micro-)parameters in general linguistic theory. Major topics of interest include, though not limited to, (i) degrees of grammaticalization in auxiliary uses of verbs of giving and receiving, aspectual verbs, "light" verbs, etc., (ii) multiple suffixation in the verbal domain, e.g., the intransitivizing -(r/s)as-ar in Northern dialects of Japan, the double -Hi-Hi form attested in Kyungsung dialects as well as in pre-modern Korean, (iii) "lexical" and syntactic compound or serialized verbs, and (iv) historical development of aspectual-existential constructions like -te i-ru and -te ar-u in Japanese, on the one hand, and -ko iss-ta and -e iss-ta in Korean, on the other.

Workshop Program (Done!)


Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Venue: the Conference Room, the Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa



Opening Remarks

Hiroshi Aoyagi

Nanzan University



"On the Similarities and Differences between Progressive and Stative Constructions"

Kwangsup Kim

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies



"A Decompositional Approach to Potential (R)are in Japanese"

Hideya Takahashi

Iwate Prefectural University



Lunch Break



"Argument and Event Structures of Serial Verb Constructions in Korean: the Cases of 'V-e ka-/o-' and 'V-e cwu-'"

Hyojin Kim

Seoul National University



"On Multiple Verbal Suffixation in Japanese and Korean"

Hiroshi Aoyagi

Nanzan University



"On the Double -Ci-i Form as a Causative Suffix in Gyeongbuk Dialects of Korean"

Takayoshi Ito

Ryukoku University



"Heads and Layers in Agglutination"

Takashi Nakajima

Toyama Prefectural University



General Discussion


Designated discussants:

Saeko Urushibara (University of Kitakyushu) for presentations 1~3

Myungkwan Park (Dongguk University) for presentations 4~6


Kwangsup Kim's abstract
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Hideya Takahashi's abstract
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Hyojin Kim's abstract
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Hiroshi Aoyagi's abstract
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Takayoshi Ito's abstract
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Takashi Nakajima's abstract
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Call for Papers (closed on July 20, 2017)


     We solicit two or three contributions from theoretical  studies on morpho-syntax in Korean for the workshop. Each presentation will consist of a 30-minute talk followed by a 15-minute discussion period. Contributions from cross-dialectal and diachronic studies as well as those on present-day Seoul Korean are welcome.

     Abstracts must be anonymous and must present original research, and they must be written in English, at most two pages including data and references, in a 12-point or larger font, with 1 inch or 2.54 cm margins at all sides.

     You may send the same abstract to our workshop as well as to the General and/or Special Sessions of JK25, but you can present your work on the same topic only once.

     The deadline for abstract submission is July 20, 2017, and authors will be notified in early August.

     Abstracts should be submitted as PDF files via EasyChair:



     When submitting your abstract by way of EasyChair, follow the steps below:


(1)  Enter the first name, last name, country and organization of each author ("web page" may remain blank). Indicate the "corresponding author" by checking the box.

(2) Enter the title of your abstract in the "Title" field, and type "the file uploaded" in the "Abstract" field, where you are not supposed to enter your abstract.

(3) Enter 3 to 5 keywords that describe your study, one per line, in the "Keywords" field.

(4) Upload the PDF file of your abstract using "Uploads" (where "paper" means "abstract").


     If you have any inquiry about the workshop, contact the workshop coordinator at:




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